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View Full Version : [Law] Pre-match chat with captains. In your pre-match chat with the captains, what xnd your main points for discussion???? Mine are as Follows 1. Questions from Either Captain keep it Brief, Keep it simple. No mention at all of "Crouch, Bind and Set"? I think the OP refers to the time spent with the two captains together I am much briefer.

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Throughout the entirety of Overwatch, Match chat has been used to either insult the other team, or to use it as a vessel to blame your team in hopes that the other team will be sympathetic. We've been doing it this way since ! Give me a gap between shoulders on 'bind'. Usually the capt is the one asking to explain the PK or getting the YC warning so I can refer him to our pre match. I'm still refining what I say, but generally: - how we're dealing with subs, house wife chat per crossref - We'll play advantage matcu possible and I'll indicate that - a quick tap at a penalty mark is mztch end of options, so let me know if matcg want an option before then - Start forming up when I call two minutes, please - Any questions?

Option1 Kick off Option 2 Choose an end.

Nobody has ever questioned any of this so far as I can remember. So Didds, no clearly they aren't hearing the same thing every week! Oh well, learn something new every day. If they choose and end I'll confirm the others are kicking off or vice versa.

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Mine are as Follows 1. Happy with that? If they win the toss they invariably choose to play uphill in order to have the downhill advantage in the second half.

Now, he was, and is, a smart kid, but it's fairly mqtch basic. I used to have a lengthy pregame chat but then I noticed no one paid attention and it was just a waste of time.

Match-treffit | nettitreffit lähialueeltasi

Choice 2 is whether we play macth or cricket once we are at the park". As a coach there is one thing that I really like to see in a referee: setting a collaborative tone with the captains instead of a combative one. If I think you annd offside I'll ask text sluts in aberdeen to step back.

I'll keep amending depending on my mood. Law 5. It's a daft law and often causes confusion. Tacklers out of there quickly - out the sides not rolling over the opposition side.

The description of match

I will explain a decision, but I won't debate it. Brief to 'Captains' I am her to enjoy myself. I don't say much to the captains outside the pre-match briefing. I quoted your reply amd Taff's post from within that so no it was not from the point of comparing you and Taff's comment. It may be that it's refereed less consistently here. I meet them separately, then together at the toss.

Am I doing this wrong?!? I don't know why they specified this strange method. The winner of the toss decides whether to kick off or to choose an end. Well he gave me more tips than I him but still.

Here is my law reference in accord: 6. At toss at my game last weekend winning skipper chose an end.

Which, as Michael Green tell us, is a mistake as the 2nd half is invariably much shorter than the 1st half. Again, lets just remove all chat or form of communication. Haven't noticed any deterioration in outcomes because of that! In rugby most people apart from Americans, in my experience think kicking maych better than receiving. But as other will have said, at least if you cover a point you can still use it as an escalation within the game, i.

Ref: kick or choose ends. If I don't see movement I am macth penalty advantage against you.

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And removing it is the solution? Questions through the captain at the next down time. It can occasionally be useful even if that is the exception not the rule. Not sure I understand this. It's an odd system, and it was only after I started to ref that I understood it.

I dunno. All my life until then I was under the impression that if the winner chose an end, the loser could decide whether to kick or not, and I ad to say that would make more sense to me. Locally Old Patesians have a sloping pitch. But it is not a Welsh requirement that the captain is present during the FR brief.

If a captain asks to "receive" I just ask him which way he wants to run. I'm really striuggling with it.

Tender singles is free. is there a catch?

Nothing chta at the toss, away team calls and the winner gets a choice. But its been said, they all listen and nod their he, then ignore you so I then question what is the point?

Taff, where gave u been for the last of years???? Captains who opt to receive I ask which end they want which has on occasions prompted "Eh?

Fantasy football live match chat gameweek 11

One of the captains tosses a coin and the other captain calls to see who wins the toss. I coud probably cut it even further! Pace it out for yourself! Thanks Then at the toss I mtach the point on discipline while both captains present, and do the toss.