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Horror chat rooms

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Cyber horror

It didn't. Roo,s movie is NOT a Horror film. How to write Dirty random chat report! Updated 10 February The chat room is brilliantly shown in physical form and the "friends" effortlessly jump from real life to the chat room which is portrayed as a sleazy run down hotel where all chatrooms are represented by different rooms.

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I've heard of Chatroom through one of the many Horror lists I've checked here, and while it doesn't fit that genre description not even tagged as suchit is a pretty hlrror film, and very well made. Roos the corridors there are a of different doors, each the gateway into a different chatroom. All in all this is a good film, very well shot and well acted Imogen Poots who plays Eva in the film is simply divine and a name we will hear a lot more about. They are lonely in real life, belleville phone sex chats or misunderstood, and in the chatroom they find people who they can tell their stories to.

I think it would have made a better short film. I love the idea, the cast was decent, and the directing also good, the color and tactile images were really cool, but it just was lacking a bit. More Info.

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The way in which cat chat rooms are visualised pof first message is pretty clever, but the plot lacks hogror kind of potency despite its potential. The challenging soundscapes and things like the animations add extra meat to the body of expression that director Hideo Nakata uses - and I personally liked them and thought they added to the film.

In the end all this movie really ended up being was a very heavy handed message of 'be careful who you talk to on the internet'.

We need more kit to keep fit. K teen dramas such as Skins, but they are playing characters that that market already caters for. It must have been very tempting to use avatars or shoot the physical world in black and white, or something equally as trashy. But unfortunately it relies too heavily on every parent's paranoid nightmare of the internet leading to suicide or a sexual predator.

Some of the discussions on serious emotional conditions and suicide may help those who are exposed to those feelings and experiences, or they may not - depending on how mentally well one is. If I could make some decisions here I would have kept the entire film surrealistic, keeping every scene in the virtual world instead of flashing back and forth chat chihuahua area nb the online fantasy into the real world where the kids are typing into their laptops or phones.

Reason for flagging:. Yeah of course its underrated but to be completely honest with you, i thought there wasn't a story to make the film more interesting or entertaining in a way.

The occasional flashbacks to the users sat at their computers keeps us grounded in the real world and works well in demonstrating how some characters, but not all, portray themselves in a very different light online. Once inside Nakata films the interactions as physical encounters, with each character sat on a chair xhat the others, in something akin to a group counseling session. Clear your history. The execution with several subplots keep going back and forth from Internet to the real world but they are unattractive and maybe indicated for roomms.

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You have to give it credit for attempting to deal with the dangers associated with the internet such as sexual predators and teen suicide, but it does so in such a clumsy and misjudged manner that whatever message it is trying dating text messages examples portray is simply lost. It's been a while since I've seen such original and artistic work, and I'd highly recommend giving this film a chance, if only for that.

As we soon get to know, Will's psychological make-up and difficulties are complex and largely unexplained. Safe surfing guide.

Instead of all that, an entire world is created in online form, making it so the film isn't just five lonely teenagers staring at a computer screen. The Team.

The 6-word tech horror story challenge

Although the depiction of the chat-room as physical space is mildly clever and it definitely feels as if the whole story was built to use this gimmick chst, the reactions of the characters to their space is completely unconvincing. I was left sorely disappointed by Chatroom. World Reports. But it works. I just wanted to be entertained and not spoken to like.

I knew this film was meant to something scary, the title made it obvious would the story would involve, but I had low expectations, because it was rated low by critics, but I was going to give it a chance, directed by Hideo Nakata Ring, Jorror Water. E-mail this to a friend. A hacker and sociopath, William has a past with the internet, of being up to no good, and now he's up to his old tricks again.

There has been an error processing your abuse report. Maybe parents of teenagers who spends all their time on the internet, may well find roome to be a horror film and start taking away their kids computers, then push a football into their hands.

25 internet addicts talk about their creepiest online experience

The general pace of cat film was quite set out as I didn't feel as if there were any parts that tend to have dragged on. I campaigned for a safer journey to school. Flag Content.

This plays out more like a poorly written teen novel than a movie. Chat argentino this interesting premise is let down by a poorly constructed script and distinct lack of hrror development. The film is very nice to look at with some quite clever visual ideas for some of the chat rooms.

The ultimate chat fiction app

It all starts out fairly innocent but slowly we get horrod into his real intentions. I'm a bit suspicious of the of decent reviews of this on here, glossing over the major shortcomings of this film.

There are chat room1 novel ideas here but unfortunately this film does not realize the potential of those ideas. Share this :. I enjoyed ohrror. Horror Subway Infernum Please select from the list below. The young people hotror really kids meet one day in a chat room, become friends and you can see trouble is not far away. No preaching, no moaning, no action. With a director with the pedigree of Nakata and a premise of real potential this should have been better.

Despite the surrealistic online interpretation, this was first and foremost a dark teenage drama that quite effectively highlights the dangerous mental traps that socially withdrawn youngsters can face online in real life.