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Our Commitment Throughout GoreanChat's long and colorful history one constant has guided its evolution: GoreanChat is a committed open and multi-faceted online virtual reality Gorean experience. We respect the views and opinions of those that interact within this Site and expect that this same respect be given in return, to the Home Stone in general and to those that populate our homes and cities. As a Gorean virtual reality role-play and chat site GoreanChat endeavors to provide a consistent and realistic level of Gorean protocol while allowing the growth and development of those that populate the Site and the areas they call "home".

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It is the only time black font is allowed in your codes, thank you.

To all slaves that do not wear a collar, it is strongly suggested that you read the GoreanChat Rules. Chat Galaxies.

We frequently move or replace files and the pictures you selected may become unavailable. What About Gamers?

Up , close & personal with priyal gor

In the Virtual World. NPC animals can be used to augment the capture of a played character but must be realistically controlled by an actual played character in order for the capture to be considered valid i. Justice Alliance of Gor.

This room is not caht room for poaching onto other sites. I see far too many rules in most rooms; too few rules in others. All are welcome to visit GoreanChat, it is a place to learn of Gor and what it means to be Gorean.

There are wild animals. Connect With Us.

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Spending the oppressive heat of midday sun inside a bosk dung sack, is not the most pleasant way to enjoy an afternoon. The first available Site Judge will post that the combat is being goeean at so other Site Judges are aware. Their style is not wanted or desired in GoreanChat. No Avs:.

A true gor?

Keep this in mind. You must use a Location pulldown in order to have valid roleplay.

A girl on foot will not outrun a man. Portal of Dreams takes common sense and basic human courtesy very seriously. The Gates of Ar.

Because of the differences in publishing the books, depending upon whether published in the U. You may encounter off color language and nudity, depending on the room you select.

Combat in this room is not limited to one system. The slaves then would simply be discarded as is proper for "true" Gor. If these materials offend you, or if they are illegal in your jurisdiction, then please DO NOT proceed any further.

Many disappear in the wild areas of Gor, never to be seen again. To all others, it would do you well to also read the changes in GoreanChat's rules. Having never come face to face with a kaiila, or a bosk or a tharlarion before, it is hard for me to imagine a "true" Gor. goreab


Creative Chat. Initials, room default or anonymous names, and improperly themed names such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer are not acceptable within any privately run home or Gorean GRP Room. Be strong, show basic mutual respect, and be open to learning and explorations of the GoreanChat philosophy.

Combatants desiring to use some other mutually agreeable combat system are welcomed to meet in The Stadium GRP Room, as such would need to be pre-arranged, which would defeat the purpose of the surprise attack nature of Open Combat. Understand goran out of character grudges have no place in this room, or any role play room worth its salt.

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Outside city walls there are those who are outlawed from their respective cities. You will however keep it realistic.

Whenever possible, Room Leaders are given the freedom and latitude to run their homes as they see fit. Sanktejo Realms.

Chat Venues. Which sort home then is right for you? Recent Posts Two more rooms added!