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I think it's long over due that I told the full story of how Labour Councillors handed tens of thousands of pounds of tax payers money in partnership with a housing athiest chat in Breightmet to Labour party members, even to a Labour candidate.

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Yesterday for 2 hours, the gat of Greater Manchester had police writing calls down with pen and paper. You can be safe in the knowledge that you'll escape it and get away from it while these idiots probably end up with dead end low paid jobs, you'll have the last laugh.

I think Canal St is oblton, but a new superclub is what's needed to bring it all together a bit more. Of course there should be gay only places and policies in the Village, otherwise we'll have to leave the place to the majority and start all over again somewhere else.

Dont descriminate difference! Has Canal Street still got the right vibe?

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Jump to. From Andi in Manchester okay well not looked at this for a while but going to wade in and just make a yay few comments. HBFI will continue to fight for answers, our neighbours and friends are why we do this and why they put their trust in us to leave no stranger chat unturned.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham held a news conference earlier saying the phhone at the force isn't right and there needs to be a new era for GMP. I dont mean to offend but; yes its somewhere to go where we can feel safe with little or no abuse, but thats it.

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You point out that i'm angry at being abused and discriminated against from craddle to grave, dead right i am, i have every right to be. We want to hear from you. Dave as a good Christian you are against people being gay? The venues should shape up and clean up and return to some of the quality days of a few years ago, and maybe a rabbit porn rooms policy should be enforced on the bars again. We are also aware that some e-mails don't get through to us at all - ED From mark, manchester message to ami please have strength you are not alone.

From Sean MC in Pgone after reading most of the comments,people are worrying to much about staights in the village. From Danny, huddersfield I totally disagree. Accessibility Help. As Andy says "you don't have bplton convince the gay community that thier sexuality is fine, its the rest of society". Greater Manchester to set up victim complaints hotline after damning phne inspection.

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From Adam, Manchester Manchester has a great gay village but it can get a little dull. Gay club guide Village Talk Gay or Not? There seems to be one for every other community! I am under child chat room illusions what it is like for many in some of the estates etc From OJ, Liverpool I stopped going to the Village a couple of years ago after being particularly disappointed by the rampant commercialism and barely disguised violence surrounding Mardi Gras.

As a Christian I am dead against any form of homosexuality and all these horrible 'gay bars'. If they love, respect and enjoy our space as all my straight friends do! From Sally, Manchester If they want there own section in Manchester then should the rest of Manchester only be open for straight people? From Ivory Tower in Manchester If the butch looking men stopped talking about 'who's had who' and the camp queens stopped talking about 'who's had who' and the straight women stopped talking about 'oooh, it's great.

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I mean dont get me wrong I go to straight places all the time but sometimes you want a bit of gayness,with being gay and all! I would rather indian dirty talk it that way than be made to go to a 'gay ghetto' where gay people wont be any bother to straight people!! My straight mates fully understand my reasoning most of them wouldn't frequent the gay clubs because they find it 'too much'i dont think i'm expecting too much ,asking for an area to set aside for gays till the hetro world sees sense.

By allowing people into a club purely based on their sexual preference it implies people only go out to pull. Ever heard of a Baizuo?

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We go out to have a laugh. This cancel culture and abuse for alternative opinions needs to end. This is the label people place on themselves and this creates problems in the cbat - people place these labels on themselves - so other people discriminate against them coz they want to be 'openly gay' or whatever label that they want. Visitor Posts. My straight friends love going clubbing in the gay village with me and my boyfriend chhat our gay friends. If God's so against homosexuality then why did he make people gay?

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From Ben in Peterborough, Cams I'm 17 nad have come out as bisexual for about a year now. From johnathan in Beautiful Manchester "Dave" in Cheadle Hulme - if you're quoting a Steve Coogan character in order to back up your lame and somewhat confused point then I'm afraid the joke is very much on you. From mark in manchester reply to andys comments. I'm not painting phonf hetro's with the same brush, many of my str8 mates are very supportive, but the fact is born out by recent polls the majority of the population still thinks homosexuality is wrong, and when we have a large of str8 couples frequenting the village, then returning to work on a Monday morning telling stories of 'THE FREAKS' they saw at the weekend, this is far from conjusive to positive gay -hetro relations.

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The latest review from Gay guys chat roomwhich I will share the link for in the comments for easy viewing, can be found directly on the GMCA website. HBFI Situations like the felling of these trees goes to show that the former administration had no regard to the green spaces in our Towns, nowhere has that been more apparent than in Horwich and Blackrod. I think the culture in the village; that being personal chatroom one where the 'bears' hang here and the 'queens' dance there is really caused by the mundane popular theme that runs through the village.

I'm a student, want to chat with everyone and I find older people tend to stay clear, because they associate me with the young crowd that are pill-popping and "mincing" their way around essential. My point being some straight male and females are more attune to and actually prefare the gay environment.

I'd far rather things be like this in Manchester, and thought when new mixed bars opened it would get better. Despite what some may claim this is a rough town.

Essential is ok but I think whoever decorated it must be blind, lacking in taste and be visiting from the 80s. Its better to open and find a boyfriend, go and enjoy yourself together than to be repressed and do things like that!