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2 Bill Simmons: What's happening? Let's get going Andy Minneapolis : Have you noticed how all the NFL studio shows are letting the analysts do the highlights instead of the hosts? This drives me crazy, especially when I am trying to follow my fantasy players. They all miss half of the important plays, and I can't even understand Shannon Sharpe.

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I honestly think McConaughey is crazy though -- he turned into Wooderson about five years ago.

Kevin W. Ripping it up on the Twolves like it ain't no thang. I wouldn't get too excited for this movie, I think they filmed it about three years ago.

Bill Simmons: Don't get carried away with Isiah the Coach -- the reason they're playing well is because Francis and Q got hurt and Nate Robinson got suspended that narrowed down Isiah's rotation and defined everyone's roles. We need bigs like Odom, Randolph, and even Rasheed.

Hey, I'd like to recommend a music magazine now that Spin has been ruined -- Blender is pretty good. Why is everyone piling on McGwire?

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Bill Simmons: Yeah, this is a real issue out here -- all the Boston transplants are flooding the game and there aren't enough real Chargers fans gjy hold them off -- plus, people from back home are trying to get tix and fly in for the game. Not sure if you've been watching, but that chick Cjat IS an alcoholic. And shouldn't they add a second guy to it, I feel bad for the lone dude who has to kill 30 minutes of fantasy talk by himself.

I always get minutes out of it. I thought the Raiders D was good last year.

Second highest paid player in the league! You're looking atNE fans there on Sunday easy.

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Mark Brunell Washington, D. Bill Simmons: From a star power standpoint, absolutely.

Bill Simmons: Thanks! Bill Simmons: I think he countrt have started for three weeks, then he would have lost his confidence because Doc would have kept yanking his minutes around. Think he might cruise through Stern's neighborhood and pistol whip him for costing him millions? What about Eddie George and Emmitt Smith trash-talking each other during the pregame show while Chris Rose sat there with a blank look on his face?

Other ohio cities:

chzt Bill Simmons: I don't think he's one of those guys who needs extra motivation at the same time, it's probably not a bad idea for Belichick to slip the Pro Bowl rosters in his locker on Sunday morning. Just a lot of stuff going on and they always have worthy download suggestions per issue.

I also like Ernie Grunfeld for the Wiz, his moves always make sense. Nobody has ever been picked up and waived more times in the history of fantasy basketball with the possible exception of Erick Dampier. I feel like someone who went to college and immediately got a girlfriend the first week without playing the field.

Bill Simmons: We're starting out at 4.

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And if somebody submits a lookih will give you good practice for when your daughter is on The Bachelorette 20 years from now, right? Bill Simmons: I'm mortified by the Atlantic.

That was looki for me. I've always wanted to see what would happen if a group of season ticket holders banded together and filed a class-action suit against a team to get their money back.

Bill Simmons: He's had a good 3-week stretch he's roping you in. Thought Toronto would be making a run over these next few weeks, but they looked awful last night against NJ, total mess.

Bill Simmons: And divorced. His big mistake was doing too much in Season 1 -- I said that at the chst, it was too crazy of a pace.

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I'm even excited for the "24" commercials during Fox's two NFC games. Bill Simmons: I got a few e-mails about that -- I don't hate anyone. Ted Dallas : Roger Goodell calls you and says you are in charge of the halftime show.

exotic message I hope you know that you are now one of the several million people who claim to like soccer but don't actually follow through with it. Bill Simmons: I'd feel a little better if they were hanging out with a third buddy who had lkokin pot belly and laughed at their jokes -- like Horatio Sanz, somebody like that.

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Not sure if you've been watching, but that chick Jen IS an alcoholic. Ted Dallas : Roger Goodell calls you and says you are in charge of the halftime show. Why are we so quick to blackball McGwire with no REAL evidence -- I mean, if this was a court case, it would get thrown out -- yet we're still glorifying the hell out of someone like Clemens, whose career arc as a pitcher defies everything that ever ly happened in baseball history?